Information for patients

New patient information

We recommend that new patients arrive 15 mins before your appointment time to allow the relevant forms to be filled out, and the information placed on our computer system.

What to expect

When you come for your first appointment, our reception staff will ask you to fill out our new patient information forms. This form will allow us to make sure we have the correct information about your medical conditions, medications, allergies and previous operations, as well as your next of kin details and your referring doctors’ contact details.

Dr Sommerville or Dr Slaughter will then take a full history and discuss the issues relevant to your presentation, examine you in detail, and then organise the required investigations. At that point, we may need to organise a review appointment to review the investigations.

What to bring to the first appointment

  • Your referral letter

  • Medicare card and private health insurance details

  • Any relevant X-rays, CT or MRI scans

  • Hearing or balance tests, sleep study, blood tests as relevant

  • List of medications

How is my surgical procedure planned?

If Dr Somerville or Dr Slaughter decide that a surgical procedure is required, they will discuss the options available to you, if you decide on continuing with the operation, then a date that suits you will be organised with the reception staff. You will be given all the financial information regarding Dr Sommerville and or Dr Slaughter procedure, and then also given contact information for the hospital of choice, and our anaesthetist so you can discuss any anaesthetic issues prior to the surgery.

What should I take to hospital?

Please bring any medications that you are currently taking, as well as any personal items that you may want to use (pyjamas, toiletries, reading material, etc) but do not bring any valuables.